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Great Holiday Date Ideas For Singles

You might go alone on holiday however it does not mean you have to stay alone when you come home, you might just want to mingle with other singles and have some fun.

Bournemouth is a great place to go on holiday, you have international language schools teaching people from all over the world English, you have the great Dorset countryside.  Bournemouth has lots of great bars and shops to visit, you could go not far down the road to Poole, Sandbanks.  Bournemouth now is
a great location for hen parties and stag parties.

Weymouth has lots of bars and places to stay very close to the sea.  For the men there is nothing like having a pint of badger beer of an evening watching the world go by. Weymouth has a great long promenade to stroll along of an evening.  You can enjoy going on the pier and possibly seeing a show.

Blackpool has been a favourite location for hen and stag parties for many years for singles that have now become couples and want to tie the knot.  It has a great amusement park and is famous for its trams and lights.

Weston super mare is well known for its long beach which you can park your car on the breach it was well known over the decades for being a favourite haunt for mods and rockers.  The tide goes out a long way and leaves a nice golden beach which for tourists to sit on.  If you do venture out to sea you will become covered in mud and it is possible to become stuck.

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