Your new relationship is only a few clicks away.


How can I get my ex of out of my head?

You might be asking yourself how you are going to get on with life without their love.

Was it love or were they just keeping you company?

You might have spent so much time together they seem like they are your only friend.

You wish you could have them back so that you could tell them how much you love them.

It just seems so wrong because you never looked at anyone else.

You have spent every night and every day with them and you were faithful to them and wanted to be there for them.

You now realize how much you love your ex now that you are not with them.

It can be tough when you are not with the one you love and you cannot discuss the ups and downs of your day with.

You have got to start doing things by yourself.
You should find something to do with your time that is constructive.  (Remember not to talk too much about your ex).  Why not help decorate a friends house.  Help someone out, look after their kids.
Take up a new hobby.  Get the bike out of shed or garage and get out there in the countryside.
Why not go on holiday and see some of the wonders of the world?
Put some cheerful music on.
Go and do some work in the garden.
Change the clothes in your wardrobe.
Start a business in your spare time.
Show you are better man or woman by not collapsing on the ground in a heap.
Check the mirror and see if you are smiling.
Accept your relationship is over and move on with life.
Look at the people around and realize there are more unfortunate people around even though you might not think so at the moment.

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