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How to deal with dating long distance

When you are dating someone who either lives or works away it is important they understand that you do not want them to see anyone else when you are not together.

The trouble is if you are having a long distance relationship you can become lonely and feel neglected.  When you do spend time together it is important to do nice things together and create memories. 

Whilst apart you should keep in regular contact by whatever means possible, there is some great tools out for doing this like Skype, e-mail, Facebook chat and mobile phone.  Set a time when you are going to chat on video cam, send text messages to each other telling your date you miss them.

If you wear a nice perfume or aftershave it will remind him or her of you should your partner walk pass someone who is wearing the same fragrance.  We communicate in the way we dress, what we wear and body language besides the way we look.

We all have our own needs, we need to discuss what we want out of the relationship in a civil manner so that both you and your date have an understanding of where your relationship is going.

You need to accept your date might want to tell you about things going on in their life and so please appear interested to listen to whatever is going on in your date’s life.

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