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How to dump her like a man

You might want to break up with your girlfriend and not hurt her feelings however if she cares for you there is nothing you can do to spare her feelings of loss and hurt when and if you do dump her.

Sometimes we have rough patches in a relationship, like most successful marriages the way you can get through these rough patches is to discuss it in a calm manner.

Anyone who is going to dump anyone should do this to their face and not do it via text, phone or e-mail.

Dumping a woman other than to her face shows lack of respect courage.

To not show up for a date and just to leave a woman standing there is another dirty trick, the woman might of taken a lot of time to get ready and you have left her waiting there, she is stood or sat there checking her watch thinking I will give him another few minutes, he is bound to turn up soon.

Talk it over with her you know your relationship might be worth saving.  You never know you might be getting rid of gold and picking up silver if you are thinking about seeing someone else.

You never know she might feel the same, she might be grateful because you raised the subject of breaking up.

How will you feel if you breakup with her and see her with someone else?

It is possible if you have not tackled the relationship issues in your current relationship you will carry the problems into the next relationship.

One of the worst things you can say is, it is not you it is me.  This is an insult for anyone when you utter those words.

Try to be calm when you break the news you want to break up with her, she might fly into a temper and start to lose it.  You have to be strong and stick to your guns and tell her it is over.

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