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How to find the one you love

Would you like to find someone who is going to love you and care for you?

First of all you need to be comfortable with yourself, happy in yourself to make someone love you and care for you.

You can either meet someone off line through friends, social situations when you go out on works events or singles, speed dating events you might have family who might try to match you up with their friends.

If you do date someone you work with or a friend of a family member it can cause complications if you fall out or split up.

Sometimes when you are not looking love can come knocking on your door.  When you are relaxed and having fun people will become more interested in you, this applies if you meet someone online or offline.  If you are too desperate people will think they have not got to try.

It is really important to be caring, polite and kind, it shows respect, no matter what a lady looks like if she is young old fat thin open doors for them and ladies say thank you.  A little bit of politeness goes a long way.  I hate it when you hold a door open for someone and they walk through with their nose up in the air.

Stress managers say that if you have one aftershave or perfume for work and one for going out it can make you feel more special, boost your confidence.  Have a nice smelling aftershave or perfume for when you meet the opposite sex.

You do not want you date to approach you for a kiss and retract due to your breath smelling, make sure you visit the dentist regularly, floss and clean your teeth.

Give your lady or man little fleeting glances and flirt a bit, it will make the man or lady you with feel wanted and interested.

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