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How to Know if You are Not in Love Anymore?

Have you lost all sense of direction together and you cannot see any future together, both of you have  totally lost interest in each other physically.

Because you have both lost interest in the relationship you have both stopped communicating via e-mail text or phone.

Have you stopped thinking about nice things to do together, you do not want to spend time in each other’s company.

Have you started making decisions without the one you were in love with?

Things to consider

You should look for the good in people, if you always look for the bad in people you will find it and it will make you depressed and find disappointment with who you are with.

Sometimes we spend so long as a couple we do not realise what it is like to spend time as a single person, why not have a temporary separation and see if you miss the person you were with.

You never know you might start to miss your husband or wife or girlfriend, boyfriend.  Going through courtship again, having date nights can rekindle the romance that was lost.

Sometimes there is an underlying cause that might be affecting your judgement, are you depressed.  You might be feeling run down due to illness or stress. 

Your partner might not be giving out because he or she might not be getting anything back out of the relationship, if you both sit down you might be able to work things out before you both chuck the towel in.

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