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How to tell if he fancies you

You have found your man and you really want to know he fancies you.  You are not sure how to interoperate the way he looks at you, does he smile at you or smirk at you?  Is that a smile or grimace?
The easiest way to work out how someone is feeling is to read their body language.  We talk in more ways than one with words.

I know of some men they are all flirty in front of their lady and soon as her back is turned he is doing the same with another woman.  A lot of women think if he is getting flirty it is only with her however if he is a player it could be he is a player.  You will only find out if he is a player after you have been in the relationship with your man for a while.

Does your guy make eye contact with you?  Does your guy try to make eye contact with you and make you smile? 

Does your guy try to get close to you if you are at a bar or in club and there is lot of background noise does he try to get in as close as possible to hear what you are saying.

How does your guy act in the company of others?  Have you seen him on the phone talking to others and notice what a cheeky chappy he is?  How is he when he is stood at the bar when talking to the barmaid?

Does your guy laugh at you jokes?

When you are in company does look at you first to see what your reaction is to something he has said.
If he tries to close the gap between you and him it is obvious he is into you.

Does the man you are interested in stand facing you?  Does he occasionally touch your arm to make body contact?

Do you notice he mimics your body language?

Sometimes a man who fancies a woman starts grooming himself, sucking in his stomach and smoothing down his hair or pulling in his shirt.  It is a bit like a cockerel puffing out his chest.
If a man is into you he will want to take you out and show you a good time.  He will chase you and phone you to ask you out.

Your man will be generous and offer you gifts.

You might find your man asking you questions relating to your family, the kind of relationship that you have with your family members.  He is trying to find out from your family background how you were brought up what your values might be and your integrity. The more questions he asks means the more he fancies you. 

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