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Keeping things friendly when dating

Many years ago (too long ago for me to remember) couples went through a period of courtship.  A man would ask the parents if he could take their daughter out and then once he had approval he would take her home and at the end of the night give her a quick peck at the end of the night (if he was lucky).

The couple would have taken time to get ready and if money was tight went out to the cinema or park, and enjoyed conversing with each other about life and just watching the world go by.

During the period of courtship they would have built up a bond and built up a more solid understanding of each other.  If money was tight and they wanted to save up to buy a house together they would of worked all the hours god sends and then put down a deposit on the desired property and spent time working towards maintaining and paying for their house.
With anything in life the more we put into the more we value it.  If love is given freely without reward and meaning it is undervalued and not respected so much.

It is important to talk about how we feel, when talking about current affairs, work and family members we can learn from a person their values and what does and does not interest them.

It is important to keep things friendly when you meet someone for the first time.  If you decide on your first date you are not suited treat the person with the dignity they deserve and have the decency to be polite with them if you do not want to see them for a second date. 
Do not try and crush them with acts of sarcasm because it is only a first date, your date might have qualities you might not know about, it might have taken a lot of courage for them to step out the door and meet you for the first time.  They might have told their friends what a great person you are, how crushing would it be if you are rude and obnoxious with them.

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