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Love is healthy for you

Everyone needs to have a sense of purpose, if we do not have a sense of purpose we can feel as though life is not worth living.  Having a sense of purpose can build your confidence.

Having someone to love gives you that sense of purpose.  It can make you feel wanted.  It can make you want to rush home, if you care for someone you will cherish for them and want to rush home to them.

Weekends and evenings spent with a love one can relieve stress, if you suffer from stress it can
because illness’s like heart disease.

If you want to look good for the one you love it will build your confidence when he or she compliments you.  You might want to go to the Gym or take up running so that you look your best.
Everyone feels better after a cuddle, they feel warm and wanted.

When you are in a relationship you might not be feeling your best, if your partner cares for you they will care for you during your low point in your life to help you come out of your dark moment in life and try to restore your mental or health state to a place where it should be.

It has been proven that people who are in a relationship will suffer less from depression or heart disease and other serious illnesses.

As you both get older you can care for each other and support each other.

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