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Married and unhappy dating

You might think you are in a loveless marriage, have you discussed this with your wife or husband?  If you are feeling neglected does your husband or wife feel the same.  A relationship is a two way thing if you both have stopped communicating possibly now is the time to start.

Lots of couples split up after decades of marriage and do not realise the trauma it involves with going through divorce.  It might seem greener elsewhere however it is not always the case.
You need to ask yourself: 

Are you in a cold loveless relationship?
  • What will happen if we split, will my kids still want to keep in touch with me if I am the guilty party and have an affair?
  • How will your friends and family view 
  • either of you if you split?
  • Do you still love your husband or wife?  Is the relationship salvageable?
  • Is there another factor influencing your unhappiness?  Should you not discuss this with your partner, husband or wife?
  • If you do not sort out problems in this relationship you might carry on the problems into the next relationship.
  • Some people are just looking for a discreet no strings attached relationship, how are you at getting involved with someone after you have been so unhappy for months or possibly years and then walking away from someone who you have been having fun with?
  • Possibly you should start spending time with your husband or wife and start having some date nights together to recapture the relationship you have lost.

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