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Places not to go on a first date

You want to know your first date is going to go well, first impressions count.  It is important to try to get it right the first time so that you have feel comfortable enough to ask for a second date at the end of the night on your first date.

Taking your first date to a party, it is unlikely your date will know anyone there, he or she could feel uncomfortable, they might make a presumption that the music being played at the party and the people there are the sort of things you are into although the party could possibly be held by casual acquaintances.

If you take your date to a crowed bar or club, you could both be checking each other out to see each other’s reactions.  The place might be too loud for you both to get to know each other.

Taking your date to a restaurant you do not know, it is a possibility the food service might not be great.  This could reflect on you.  If the place is an all you can eat sterile sort of environment where they get them in and fire them out the door sort of place it could seem as though this is your sort of character.  If you sit down for your meal and they hand you the menu and you have a look of shock it could make you look cheap.  You do not want lots of kids running around your table. 

Taking your date to your local, it is possible you might meet up with people you know, they might want to sit down and talk to you and your date all night and you cannot get rid of them.  It is also rude for you to play snooker or darts and ignore your date and socialize with your mates and leave her or him out of the picture.

If you go to the beach you might make your date feel uncomfortable if he or she is aware you are checking them out to see how physically they are up together.  It can be an intense situations if you are both lost for things to say to each other when you have been sat on the beach for a long time.

If you take your date to a family event because you are really chuffed you have meet a fantastic woman or man and you want to show him or her off it is possible they might feel left out.  Your date might feel a bit of an outsider.

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