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Signs a man is in love with you

It can be difficult to tell if your man is in love with you, he might be shy or holding back due to being hurt before in the past and not want to tell you fully his feelings.

Is your man always thinking of you?
Does your man phone you regularly to share events that have happened during the day?  Does your date text you to tell you things he is thinking about.  If your man is meeting you for date does he bring you gift’s.  Some men do this at the beginning of a relationship and then once they have won their woman over they no longer bother.

Does your man try to do things to improve your life together as a couple?
Does your man think about the future you have together and try to forward plan your life as a couple?  Does he think about improving the quality of life you have together?

Is your man keen to have you involved in conversation and finds things you say funny (he is laughing with you and not at you).

Is your man glad to see you?  Does he smile when he first see’s you?

When you meet people does your man introduce you to other people who you have met for the first time who are known acquaintances to him only?

If a man loves a woman he will only have eyes for her, he will not want to look at other women.  Some men can seem very charming in front of you however you might find all of their flattery is not only for you they also dish it out for other women.  If a man is a player you might find if you are out in a town center or in a bar hiss eyes start wandering.

A man who loves a woman tries to please her; he will buy her food she likes to try to woo her.  If he is
a good cook he will take great pleasure in cooking her meal she likes.  He will find out before what his lady likes to eat and plan the occasion with military precision.

Do you notice your man trying to catch your eye; he likes looking at you and tries to make you smile.
A person who likes another person normally mirrors the other person’s body language.  They also stand facing each other.  If your collar or something else is not right you might find him trying to smooth it out for you.

If a man is open and trusting he will not mind you answering his phone.  These occasions may arise if you are driving or if he is busy.  It can be rude if you just grab his phone and answer it without asking permission.

Does your man encourage you by praising thinks you do?

A man who loves a woman understands she might not look her best first thing in the morning and he will still pay her attention.  He will still take her a cup of tea, breakfast in bed.

A man in love will wait tentatively for a woman whilst she carries out one of the things which is not in my genetic makeup shopping.

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