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Signs you are dating the wrong person

In all walks of life we question the paths we have taken in life, we challenge the decisions we have made.

If you date someone who you are not compatible with it could end being a costly mistake financially and emotionally.

Do you find sometimes they listen to you however you do not hear what you are saying?  The person you are with just loves the sound of their own voice and their own self-importance.  They are so controlling they shout you down.

Do you feel as though you are not a person?  You have had yourself esteem taken away from you, the week person you are with has knocked you down to the ground emotionally so that they can build themselves up because they are the week one.

Do you feel emotionally exhausted?  This could possibly be because of the emotional stress you are under.  It could also be due to all the arguing you have both been doing which has knocked the life and soul out of you.

Have you lost friends and family because no one likes the man or woman you are with?  They find him or her bad company because he or she is controlling, they as open questions all the time, and it is as though everyone is under interrogation.

Are you dating a Jackal and Hyde character?  You never know from day to day how your date is going to be.

Sometimes people stay in relationships because they are afraid of being alone because of their low self-
Trying to find the right person to date
esteem.  This is exactly the way a controlling person wants you.

The person you are with will not let you out of their site because they are afraid of losing you because they think you are going to cheat on them.  Do you find your mobile and e-mails are being constantly checked? 

Does your date’s family keep putting you down because they do not want to lose their relative you are dating?  It is very insulting for your date; their interfering is driving a wedge between you because of their interfering and meddling.

You cannot help it you had a life before your date!  Your date however keeps questioning you constantly what you did before he or she come along.

Have you lost your sparkle?  Have people said you are not yourself you no longer seem as though you are the fun person you used to be?

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