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Using your common sense when dating

We all worry about things that we should not really waste time even thinking or worrying about.  If you think about concerns or worries you had years ago why did you waste the time.
You should not really get concerned with hitting the dating scene again. 

You need to take precautions as you would do in most situations when meeting a stranger for the first time or communicating with them. 

It is a good idea to only communicate with the person you have meet online through the dating website.  Most dating websites scan the sites for scammers and fraudsters.  The websites are scanned for
Not everyone is an obvious
scammer  or fraudster
keywords relating to scamming.  Most sites have teams checking for known scammers etc. and the way they communicate. 

Always meet your date in a public place and carry a mobile.  Why not have a pay as you go mobile so that if you have problems with a stalker you can ditch the sim card.

Talk to the person on the phone before you meet them, you might change your mind about meeting them after you speak to them on the phone if you notice a controlling nature, they might try to change the location of your date if they are not happy with meeting you in public if they are aggressive or not all they seem from their dating profile picture.
Ask for more than one dating profile picture.  Some scammers upload to their dating profiles random pictures on internet. 

Speak to your date on Skype or online.  You can check out if the person’s age matches up or identity matches up with who they say they are.

Do not give too much personal information away.  You do not want your identity stolen.  People who want to steal your identity will want information like bank details, date of birth, mother’s maiden name etc.

Why not setup a free online e-mail address like a Yahoo or Hotmail Gmail address?  If you get pestered you can always ditch the e-mail address.

Tell friends family where you are going, arrange to meet them after to ensure your whereabouts is known.

Only have a quick first date first of all, why not meet up with them for a quick coffee or drink in a pub or wine bar.

Do not take your kids on dates when you first meet your date until you have got to know and trust you date.

Men – Do not start splashing out on gifts, if you meet a pretty lady it does not mean she is a princess who is all sweet and innocent.

Does your date try to avoid questions; some avoidance of questions about finances is acceptable first of all in the relationship.

Does your date not have friends or relatives?  This might be because he or she has been in prison or been ostracized by their friends or relatives because they are not a nice character.

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