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Why looks matter in a relationship

It is important for a woman or man to be proud of their partner who they have on their arm. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The world is built up on how physically and aseptically attractive we find things or people, people should also be attracted to someone for the person they are looks are only skin deep, it is no good being with someone if they are a monster inside.

I know of many attractive people who have no intelligence, character and they hardly smile, because some people are attractive and they think they do not need to try hard when they are with the opposite

For opposite sexes it is said men a visual and women are emotional.  Sometimes looks can make someone initially interested in someone however personality will always make someone want to come back repeatably.

People tend to be attracted to people who are equally attractive as themselves.

If someone uploads a dating profile of themselves and they are not visually attractive they should try to make sure their dating profile really sells them as an attractive person to talk to and spend time with.

We all should be attracted to the person as a whole, as we get older it is important to remember our looks might fade or go with age or illness.

If someone is less attractive it is possible they might be more attentive in the relationship because they feel as though they will need to try harder, they will value the person they are with.

I personally need to be attracted to the person I am in a relationship with, I do need to know they are a trustworthy, honorable, caring person.

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