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Why won't he call me or text me? Women’s Dating Advice

Have you been on a date and you have left the chap you went out with numerous messages and he has not called you back.

A date is not a relationship, it is a bit like an interview you either you get the job or not, in your case you get the woman or man.

You do not get any feedback from how your date went unfortunately, you need to ask yourself is this a one off or has it happened before?

Why waste your time chasing this guy?  If he did call you back and you did get into a relationship with
him do you want to do all the running after him?

You never know his wife or girlfriend might not like him making calls!

Do you call him when he might be in work or driving?  He might call you later.

Do not seem too desperate.  If he thinks you are desperate he might try to take advantage of you.

If the first date went well why did you not ask him for a second date when you were in his company?
Was your date ready to start dating again?  He might have recently had a breakup; he might not be ready to start dating again.

You need to have trust and integrity in your relationship and by the sounds of it if you are chasing someone and they are getting back to you they are not respecting your feelings.

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