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Dating Agency Safety

Your safety is paramount to us and so is our reputation, we have a dedicated customer services team who are specially trained to recognise scammers profiles, pictures.

Make sure when you exchange any photographs you do not give personal information away for example a picture of your house, kids, car, registration or place of work.

When you register and start chatting and dating anyone on any dating agency website you need to use your common sense.  If anyone starts to ask you for money you need to report this to the customer services team straight away.  It is important you do not give them any financial details.  It might sound obvious however every year more and more lonely single get duped out of their hard earned cash.

Lots of scammers want to take their pray away from the main dating agency website so that they cannot be monitored. 

It is possible if you are accessing your account from a internet café or some other public place your dating profile could be hacked.

On some dating websites or e-mail it is possible when clicking on a link you might be opening yourself and your system to malware or virus’s etc.

Make sure you have current software protection on your machine.  Regularly change your dating password.

Ask for a recent photograph of your prospective date.  Try to chat to them via video before you meet them so that you can suss them out.

We have all heard of love at first sight, no one has undying love for someone who they have just started to talk to on the internet, you need to get to know the person.  You do not know the real person until you have dated them for a while.

Free dating websites tend to get targeted more by scammers because they have not got to pay to try to draw their victims in to their traps.  The dating profiles of free dating website tend not to be checked very much.

Arrange to meet you date in a public place, take a mobile, make sure you have a exit plan.  Tell friends where you are going, if you want take a friend along and possibly just have them look out for you from a distance.

It is important to make your own way there and back from your date.  Why not arrange for a taxi to pick you up.  It is important that you do not go to your dates house and you do not invite them back to yours.

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