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Dating - Handling your drink

Have you got a drink problem?  Do you find you are drinking 7 days a week.  Some people say they need a drink because they have a stressful job or because of some other situation which affects their life.

Some peoples drink limits are a lot different to others.  I have heard some police officers say crimes connect with drink can be as bad as drugs.

Do you have kids?  Do your kids call you Alcopops?  Kids learn from example.  If you meet a single parent they do want a drunk around their kids. 
If you have a drink problem get it sorted.

I have heard some men take a woman out and get stinking drunk and then stagger home with their lady.  This sort of person is not a gentleman.  He does not consider his ladies safety, he is expecting her to look after him, he has no respect for the people he is with and that lady should run a mile.  He might think he is in control however if he is attacked he will start swinging his fists around like an idiot and come off worse.

I have driven home from an evening out and seen a man trying to push his girlfriend over a wall, I pulled over and told him to leave her alone.  He then started to take his jacket off, he told me he was going to sort me.  His girlfriend looked at me and told him not to be so stupid because he would come off worse.  She then took him home.  In this situation I left and so should his girlfriend. 
If you are a lady and you have a man who keeps on buying you drink and you do not want him to do not accept it.

If you are feeling nervous about your date do not hit the bottle.  Try to tackle your nerves buy keeping yourself occupied.  It is just a date, you need to enjoy yourself and make the occasion memorable for the right reasons.  You need to create the right impression.

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