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Dating - Smiling is a great asset

It is warming to see someone smile.  It can show confidence; it can win people over, change a person’s point of view about a person and win hearts over.

If you have photograph on a dating website and you are not smiling it can quickly make the person
click onto the next dating profile picture.  You might have a great dating profile write up however if you are not selling yourself by not smiling you will not win in the game of love.

If you have a bad set of nashers and you show your row of tombstones and it looks as though the tombstones have been kicked over it is recommended to give not too a broad a smile on your dating profile.

Having a photograph of you jack assing around in a party drinking situation for dating profile picture is a terrible idea.  If you want to attract the wrong sort of person who is alcoholic or party animal and always crashing out with their mates either around theirs or yours than beware these are the sort of people you will attract.  If you have certain standards in life such as having a tidy house and spiritual sense of well being physically and mentally do not load up the one off recent photograph you had taken at a stag or hen party etc.

In some situations a smile can be seen as a smirk if the recipient is in a bad mood.  This cannot be helped sometimes if you are a positive person and carry on in dire situations if you are trying to be positive in a bad situation and turn it around.

Making someone smile
It is also great to make someone smile by buying them gifts or having fun with them by having a laugh joke with them as long as it is not at their expense.

Maintaining your smile
To maintain that smiley grin do not drink too many fizzy drinks, fruit juices, smoking and floss regularly and clean your teeth.

Keep out of the sun and apply skin cream so as not to dry out the skin you do not want crow’s feet around your eyes or a wrinkly old forehead. 

Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and eat plenty of fruit and veg to keep your skin supple.
Maintain a healthy weight so that your skin does not stretch too much.

Many call centres have mirrors on their monitors because when you speak to someone on the phone if you do not smile this affects the tone of your voice.

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