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Dating someone who lies

Are you dating someone who lies, all that they say is not true, you have caught them out once too often?

Are they telling you little harmless white lies that do not hurt anyone?  Do they do it just to build themselves up to make they sound interesting, do they lie to make it sound as though they have a bit of history?

I personally think if I am dating someone who lies and cannot escape from telling truth how you can trust them.  A relationship should be built upon trust.  If I ask someone to do something for me or if they promise me something I do not want to be let down.

The deeper you get into a relationship the more on further on in the relationship you will get caught if you are a liar.

Truth is the foundation in any relationship, if you have not got truth you have nothing to build upon in your relationship.

Some people lie sometimes so much they will begin to believe the yarns they have spun themselves.  Their whole life will become a lie.

You have to follow your instincts to catch your date out who is lying to you and have a better memory than them to catch them out at their game of lying or embellishing the truth.

If someone has been lied to before they might not fully trust anyone else and mistrust you.  You need to work at the relationship and build up their trust.

It is important you do not become a victim in your relationship because it is possible you will become a victim in life it is time to set boundaries and move on if you do not trust your date.

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