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Does internet dating really work?

You might be thinking of looking for love once again, where do you start?  You have a few choices:

You could try some magazines where they have classified ads, it is rather impersonal and dated.  You leave a description of yourself and then people pay to leave messages and you pay to pick them up.  As you can gather this is very expensive and time consuming.

Speed dating can seem like a great choice.  You pay admission to the event and then you get lots of other singles turn up.  You all have a set amount of time to chat to other singles.  A lot of singles who attend these events are confident, they do not have the need to build up a relationship with someone slowly beforehand via e-mail or video chat.  It is a bit like a cattle market.

Meeting someone offline, I do not know about you, our local town has changed dramatically over the
years the bars and clubs are now closing at an alarming rate.  If you are not into drinking you might not want to meet someone in these types of environments.  A bar can be a cold and hostile place if you have become single again due to divorce or separation.

Internet dating does work for many singles, it can be as slow or fast as you want.  It is a proven way to find love.  There are all different types of dating websites to cater for people who have specific interests, lifestyles and careers.

If you are of a particular religion you might to meet with people who have similar values, interests or beliefs as you.

With lots of dating sites if you want to carry out a search for singles who live close to you it is possible to carry out a postcode search, many sites have facilities to see on a map how many singles live near you.  If you want to find someone further afield the choice is yours.

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