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How to build trust in a new relationship

Everyone has history and once you have discussed both your pass relationships and get it all off your chest then no one can spring any nasty surprises.

It is important to understand you past failures so that you can learn from them and move on into the future.

Trust comes only after we have been in a relationship for some time.  It is our defensive mechanism we have built up over time.  If we have been in a relationship for some time we might not have such a tight high wall around us. 

If we have been hurt before we might have a higher protective wall around us which might take anyone new in our life a lot more time and energy to climb over.

Without trust or understanding there is no relationship, if someone has an affair it can take a long time to build up that trust again.

If you discuss things in your relationship you can build up a mutual understanding of each other’s emotional needs.

If you have empathy with each other it can build up a mutual trust because you both understand why one of you is stressed or hurting from situation which has arisen.

Any relationship is going to go through emotional roller coaster situations, the better understanding you have of each other the better you will able to fare life’s ups and downs.

It is important to have trust in your partner’s abilities to plan events and have responsibilities to carry both on life’s journey.

It is important you can both discuss things and you both confide in each other.

Trust cannot be given easily, it needs to be earned.

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