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How to prepare for rejection when dating

In any circumstances rejection is difficult.  If you are getting back into the dating scene again you have to prepare yourself for rejection.

A date is just a date, it is not a relationship.  Dating might have changed since you were dating in your teens.  You need to accept people do not possibly have the same courteous manner or manners as yourself and may not turn up for dates or may even reject you via e-mail or text.

Have dignity and respect for yourself
Hold your head high and move on with life.  You have had different relationships with friends and colleagues you get on alright with them.  

The person who has rejected you does not really know you.

Everyone has to deal with some form of rejection or failure in their life and this will not be the first or last time you will be rejected.

If your partner has an affair, this is a form of rejection.  You can either work at the relationship and try to build the trust you have lost or you can go you separate ways.  

The best way to deal with when you have been cheated on is to accept it is over.  It is best to keep your dignity and not beg for your partner to come back.  If you have children you need to understand they are probably feeling rejected as well.

Finding the right person for you
If you have just started dating again you need to accept you have got to go on many dates to find the right person for you, some people who you will date will not be your cup of tea, and you will do the rejecting.  It is far better to reject someone than enter into a loveless relationship and dread going home every night.

Dealing with rejection
Anyone who has been rejected needs to build up confidence again and stand back and look at the qualities they possess.  Look at your success and not your failures.

You need to carry on with life and get out and meet other people.  Do not become a hermit meet up with friends and relatives.  Why not focus on your career for a while.  Make yourself feel better and buy some new clothes or take up a new hobby to make yourself busy so that you do not focus on your rejection.

With every downside there is always an upside.  There is a reason why the date never worked out and for whatever reason it you need to accept it is for the better because your date does not want to pursue a relationship with you and they have let you go now, it is better they have done this now and not gone too far into the relationship where you both have built up a bond and it is then harder to split up.

Rejection is a part of life, it is important to try to find out why you have been rejected, why not ask the person who dished out the bad news why they rejected you.  Do not get into an argument.  If they do not want to do this face to face ask them to e-mail you or text you.

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