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Things men should never say to a woman on a date

All women hate suggestive men.  They do not like men who make sexual references.  Lots of men think if they are with an attractive woman and they have a small indication she is interested in them and it is good indication they can talk to them just how they want.  If you are dating someone like this it is best to make your excuses and leave because this man is not a gentleman, he has no respect for you.

A man should not brag about his possessions he has accumulated in life.

Women like a man who can make up his mind about things, who can make plans, it is important he plans their date beforehand.

A man should never talk about his ex, no one wants to know about you moaning about your ex wife or girlfriend, for all she knows in a couple of months or year’s time you might be whinging about her in the future.

No one likes to hear someone whinging about their physical ailments constantly. 

Do not whinge about how much you hate your job.  If you do not like your job retrain or look for something new.

It is important not to tell your date you have someone close to you dying, you want to show your date a good time and not depress her. 

I do not discuss financial matters with anyone, why should a man ask a woman about financial matters. 

If a man goes to a woman’s house he should not walk around an start looking as though he has landed on his feet and start talking about property prices.

It is rude to tell a woman she looks a lot different than her dating profile picture.

A man should never comment about a woman’s weight.

Women do not like it if a guy asks if he can bring his mate along on a date.  A woman may not want to talk football or talk about cars or other subjects which do not interest her.  She wants to date you not your mate.

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