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Ways to attract women online

You are trying to sell yourself online stand out from the crowd, many women go from one dating profile to the next.  If they get sent an e-mail of potential matches you want your dating profile picture to catch their eye.

When you are trying to attract a woman you need to look your best.  It is a good idea to go through all of your photographs and upload a dating profile photograph that makes you look your best.
If you take the photograph in good light and try to choose a good camera for the job.  People are attracted to people who smile and so make sure you have the right smile to attract the opposite sex, your smile not be a smirk or appear as though you are looking down your nose at them and appearing as though you have a grimace.

Women are emotional and men are visual and so describe yourself in your dating profile about me section of the dating website to your best advantage.  Think about what a woman would find attractive about you.

Women like confident men who are in command of a situation.  How many times have we heard a woman talking about meeting her man in shining armour?

Women like men who are secure, they do not want to hear about you whinging about your ex or other things that get you down in life.

Women are attracted to men with a sense of humour; try to add a bit of humour into describing yourself online.

If you reveal everything about yourself women will not eventually interesting, make sure you have a few funny stories to tell your date.

Make the most of your appearance, first impressions is everything.  It is important to look your best and smell your best with a good aftershave and nice cleanly pressed clothes.

It is important if a woman is attractive not to start becoming tongue tied.  You need to be confident in the company of the woman of your dreams.

Women are attracted to men who are fit and healthy, chuck those cigarettes away and put that bottle of bear away and start to get fit.

Do not always expect perfection, no one is perfect; it is only after long time in a relationship do we get to know someone.

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