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When being single isn't working

If you are single and have to maintain your own house car and possibly bring up kids yourself it is difficult.  I know I have been there.

To cope with being single and bringing up a daughter by myself and working full time I would cook fresh chicken or other food which could be frozen and then myself and daughter would have them warmed up during the working week.  Some meals were disgusting I was told, I agree.  Sometimes oven chips would come out like twiglets.

Having to run my daughter around to friends in the car and socialize with people was a manic time.
If my daughter was away it was a lonely time trying to fill in my time. 

I decided to look for a relationship and started to look company of the opposite sex.  I had some fun, some disastrous dates.  It taught me a lot about people.  Some single ladies I meet if I would have settled down with them upon reflection it would not have lasted.

It is easy to feel down and dejected and take advantage of vulnerable women, I would not like someone doing this to a member of my family and so why should I take advantage of a woman I take out.  If a woman who is courteous enough to share their valuable time with me why should I take advantage of them?

If you are just going out with someone just for their company and nothing more be honest with them and tell them that you are not looking for a long-term relationship.

Being singles involves a lot of hard work; if you do enter a relationship you need to work at it as well and sometimes the journey can be a bumpy ride.  Anything worth doing you need to work at it and hang in there for the long haul.

Enjoy life have fun if your in a relationship or single, if neither are working you need to ask yourself questions why.


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