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Mature dating UK - Local senior singles over the age of 40, the advantages of meeting someone who lives locally

Mature dating UK - There is lots of advantages to dating someone who lives close to yourself.  

Not giving it all away for someone who lives far away
If the relationship does not always work out you are not far from home, friends, family, work, you have not chucked everything to be with someone who you have meet on the internet.

Narrowing down your search
With most dating websites you can search for people who live close to you.  It can save you a lot of time and expense as well dating someone who lives close by.  You never know love could be around the corner and you do not even know they live close to you.

Dating safety being savvy
It is never a good idea to give your home address to anyone at the start of any new relationship.  You do not want them inviting themselves around.  If someone is close at hand the person might offload their personal problems with you.

If someone is a control freak and they want a mother replacement or want to control you they might
Why not go on a local romantic cycle ride?
want you to move to their area of the country, they might want you to do this as soon as possible and move in with them, now you are cash rich because you have sold your house and given everything up to be with them you look even more attractive.

The advantages of dating someone who lives close
If you date someone who lives close to you then you know all of the local attractions.  You might meet someone who is new to your area and so it is possible you might enlighten your date with some of the local places of interest which not everyone knows about.  You could enlighten them on local history and event.

Any local park place of beauty is a lot better if you go there with a picnic and someone who you enjoy spending time with.

If your date has kids you might know of local place where you could go and take a model plane, kite, or glider, you could even show them how to do a bit of fishing or go cycling.

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