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Dating problems – Have you got a problem relationship

Being single is not fun sometimes, being in a relationship can sometimes be heartache as well.
Any action we carry out causes a reaction.  If we do not think about what we do we have to pay the consequences.   In any relationship it can create problems if you have just starting dating someone or if you have been in a relationship for some time.

Lots of us become when we have become overcome with lust, loneliness and we do not take notice of what our heads are saying this can create huge emotional and financial problems for singles should they give away financial personal information about themselves.  Sometimes a lonely person can end up with a manipulative person who is not suited to them, they hang on in there in the hope the person will change.

Sometimes you need to sit back and ask what I am getting out of this relationship.  Is it worth carrying on with?  If you were to write down every day how happy you were or were not, would the not happy outweigh the happy.  Does your relationship affect your health?  Are you lacking sleep? 
If you have a violent relationship you should really consider getting out of it. 
Single Parent Dating

It is important to grow with the person you have just meet and get to know them before you move in with them or become fully committed to them.

Lots of us make assumptions based upon what we see.  It possible some of us could end up choosing the wrong partner because we have chosen to be with a particular person based upon how they look, how they act after we have only been with them after a short time.  If you meet a tall handsome or beautiful person who have a nice home and car does not mean they are the perfect catch they could be could ruthless and think they have not got to try to win your affections.

Has your date got tempestuous teenagers, kids who mum or dad thinks are perfect, mum and dad’s little precious?  You will have to put up with your dates little horrors climbing over you running all over the house at any time of night or day and you will always be put on the back burner when it comes to your date’s kids.

Your date might not want to reprimand their kids because they want to be a better parent compared to absent parent.  You might have to contend with grandparents who poke their noses in.  They might spoil your date’s kids and you have to put up with them when they come back from time away from you and your date and the kids have been fully loaded with sweets and will not settle down.

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