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The best dating websites protect your privacy – how to protect yourself when arranging and going on dates

No one wants to have their personal details stolen, unwittingly you might or could do this yourself.  Be aware of who you talk to and the information you give them, casually in conversation you might mention your birthday is coming up and your age.  You might also mention about your kids or pets to someone you have meet online.  Before you know it you have given vital information away that could bait the person you have just meet online to steal more information from you.  

Be aware of who you give your phone number to, do not take your date to your house not until you fully know and trust them.  Meet your date in a public place.  Use a mobile SIM number that you can discard.  Setup a free e-mail account with an e-mail service like Yahoo Hotmail etc.

Tell friends and family where you are going.  Do not drink too much and keep an eye on your drinks.  It is important to make your own way to meet your date and make your own way home.
The best dating websites want to keep their customers and protect their customers and their data and will not pass it on to other 3rd parties.

If you sign up to a website and find love online it is always a good idea to take down your dating profile and picture.  You do not want your dating profile hanging around for a number of years.
If you do have any problems with any member report them straight away to customer services.

It is up to you to protect your own privacy, the best dating websites have a privacy policy, and ours can be seen at the bottom of this article.

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