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Cheeky Dating – You can be cheeky but still be nice to your date

Relationships should be fun, you should always have laugh when in the company of your date.  Laughter relieves stress it gives you something to look forward to when you come home at the end of the day.
There is a difference between being cheeky and being sarcastic.  

You can be flirtatious and funny without being nasty; ridiculing others is something some people do to bring others down.

Sarcasm can sometimes bring down a relationship and the person you are in a relationship with.  If children hear you will they will do the same they learn from what they hear and see.
People give of natural signal when they are available and interested.

The art of flirting:  There is an art to being cheeky when you are chatting up a man or woman.  There is always a fear when you start flirting you might feel as though you are going to seem ridiculous.  You might feel as though you are going to make a fool of yourself.

Some people stand there with a ridiculous smile on their face.  They just stare at the man or lady in question who they like the look of.

To be cheeky and start flirting:  You need align with your date and make natural flowing conversation with them.

Flirting comes a lot easier when you are confident, you walk tall and can look people in the eye.  It shows you are a strong character you will more than likely be able to ride out life’s storms.  It is important you dress right, you have the right posture.  You need to back up your confident demeanor in the way you talk and act.

You need feel comfortable, chat to them as though they are a friend.  Pretend you have not heard what they have said and move in close.  When you do tell him or her how good they smell.

If you touch the person you are with just gently on the arm.  It is not too intrusive.  It can make them aware you are interested.

Good luck with your cheeky flirting

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