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Foods and drink to avoid on a date

You want to have the best time on your date.  It is wise to think about your love life more than your stomach.
Some people are intolerant to some foods.  I knew a woman if she eat pasta or wheat her stomach would swell like a balloon.  Not a pretty think to see.

I once went out with a woman and she drank loads of coke on our date the evening was proceeded with lots of belching.  I am not with her anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

Strong smelling foods should be avoided at all cost.  No one wants to saddle up close if you smell like the
Couple on a dinner first date
cat after you have been eating fish.

Why order a curry if you are going to moan about how hot it is and then start fanning yourself.
Keep an eye on your drink you do not want anyone spiking you drink on your date. 

When I was at college there was a young girl and they called her greeny, she had green bits in her teeth.  Some leafy vegetables can get stuck in the most awkward of places.

Have you ever had spare ribs, you know the sort of thing that can happen, you get the bits stuck in between your teeth.  You cannot get it out for love or money.  It is not going to look good if you are trying to extract bits of meet with your fist in your mouth.

It might look romantic on Lady and the Tramp two dogs eating spaghetti, if you are eating it by yourself and you get it all down your blouse or shirt it could just make you look mess.  You might tuck a napkin in your collar however if it all ends up in your lap it could look even more ridiculous.  It is not going to look a nice site as you have pasta lashing around your chin and you look like a vampire maniac with red around you mouth.

I have heard some ladies say they like to drink a bottle or two of wine a night.  This might be your idea of fun however it is the thing your date is going to want to happen all the time.  A drunk is not a fun person to be around they are a liability.  A bloke want fun, romance excitement not a boring embarrassing liability.

Garlic, the stuff is feed to monkeys in the zoo to stop them having colds and it is great for the heart.  In horror films they would put garlic around windows and doors to keep the vampires out – No monkeys are going to get colds in the zoo because no one else will go near them.  No one is going to want to nibble your neck because you stink.

Have you seen those chocolate fountains?  They are miles high and look really good.  I always manage to get it everywhere.  Avoid anything with chocolate it can go all down your chin and everywhere.

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