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Senior Dating UK Manchester - Exciting and fun dating ideas

There is no mistake, Manchester has some great places to go out with your date.  Manchester is a vibrant exciting city with a lot to offer singles who are looking for exciting and fun things to do.

If you want to gain your dates interest you have got to have some imagination.  You have got to show your date a good time and try to make them want to come back for more.

Taking your date out in Manchester does not need to be expensive, you can go for walks or a picnic in one of the many parks in Manchester.

If it is a first date why not go for coffee, if it does not work out you can always head for the exit quickly. 

Choose a good film together, and possibly go for drink first or after the film so that you can talk about the film after.

Manchester has a China Town area, if you take your date to China Town it is great place to soak up the Chinese culture, there is always something interesting to see.

If your date is a bit of a shopaholic the Trafford Centre is a great place to pursue local retail outlets.

If your date is a football fan why not go to the Old Trafford football ground?

Take your date to a local comedy club or event, you can then see how much of a sense of humour your date has.  You can sense what makes him or her tick.

Manchester has some great music venues.  If you can find out from your date what type of music they like you could have a great time dancing the night away.

A cheap option for a first date is to take your date to a local museum.  If your date is into history and loves local history this might be the ideal choice for a first date.

Manchester is renown for its great night life, bars and places to eat.  Do you want to show your hot date a great place to eat visit the curry mile and chose from one of the great curry restaurants.

You could visit one of the local casinos and act like a big shot if you have very deep pockets and want to impress your man or lady.

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