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Over 60s dating websites

When you are over the age of 60 the thought of going dating again can feel a little bit daunting.  You might feel after many years of being in a relationship or on your own you are going into uncharted territory.  You should not feel alone there are other singles out there that feel just the same they have the same apprehension about going on a date or taking the plunge and chatting to someone online. 


When you start chatting to anyone on line you can be assured we are all strangers.  There are many versions of normal.  We need to accept not everyone is going to be to our taste.  We all have different views about things in life how we should act and how we enjoy our free time.


It is only through chatting to someone and building up a relationship with someone online do we know if they are suitable and we want to date them offline.  Even at this stage of the relationship people are duped into fully trusting someone, is it love or is it infatuation or loneliness?  Everyone is looking for love for different reasons.  Sometimes all logic flies out of the window.


We need to be aware of whom we are and in different circumstances we would not be so foolish to fall head on into love and be so trusting of someone we have just meet online.  Sometimes we protect ourselves and we are not aware we are stressed, lonely or vulnerable until we are taken advantage of.


Take your time when you are chatting to people online think about what you are saying and the information you are freely offering to total strangers.  Simple everyday things like kids names your date of birth can be given away in everyday conversation.  You might be hearing things people are say to you however do you actually listen to them and take it in?  Through experience you might think you know better than your younger counter parts.


Some people in your family might be concerned for your welfare, you might think of this as being meddling.  Because they care about you same way that you cared for them in their younger years you feel insulted.  You must remember you have less time to recover from mistakes and hurt from a broken heart.


Because you might of built up a relationship built up from trust understand with your husband or wife you feel anyone who shows you kindness love is going to be the same.  A kiss and cuddle when you are vulnerable and over 60 can mean a lot to you if you are lonely.  It can hurt twice as much if someone takes it away.  Get to know your date and take your time without leaping into the relationship too fast because you have not got too much time left.  Life is short and that is why you do not want to be taken advantage of.  Have fun going through the old courtship romantic times of going out together and sharing special times together without pressure from your date or friends or family.


Be aware your family or friends might view your relationship with skepticism or jealousy.  Is it wise to introduce your date to your friends or family too soon?  Why not take your time and not tell anyone at all about your new relationship.  It is important when meeting someone for the first time however that someone knows where you are going and you meet your date in a public place.  Do not get into their car and make sure you carry a mobile for emergency sake.  You do not want to be a statistic and be tomorrow’s news.


Have fun and have good memories together.  The more free time you have when you are older the smaller the irritations the bigger they seem, it is more important to make sure you are properly suited to your date.  Find someone who shares the same values as you and someone who shares the same interests.  You do not want to be staring blankly into space as you get older with nothing to say to each other do you? 


Having someone who a life closer to you means you will not lose touch with family and friends.  You will not lose contact with your grandchildren and miss them growing up.  If your kids have moved away through internet dating you could possibly move closer to them and view internet dating as an opportunity to expand your opportunity to improve your life for the better.  Do not rush into moving in with your date straight away, if you are not suited it is possible you might not be able to move back to the life you had before if you sell all of your furniture and house.

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