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Senior Dating UK - Things to do in city of Westminster – Date Ideas

The City of Westminster is a great place to take your date you can quite easily get to most places by foot.  If you do get tired you can always grab a cab or rickshaw.

Hyde Park is a great place to visit in the summer, you can take a picnic and wander around.  You have speakers corner where the general public can have their say.
Covent Garden is a lovely place to walk around and watch the street entertainers.  There are plenty of places to sit down and eat.  Originally Covent Garden was a market.

Buckingham Palace the official residence of the Queen, you can normally tell if the Queen is in residence if the flag is flying.  The palace is a place where the public go for celebration and during national crisis.

Piccadilly Circus is full of hustle and bustle if you like bright lights it worth a visit.  The traffic flow gets very busy, it is one of the main traffic flows within London.

Oxford Street is a great place if you have lots of energy and deep pockets.  If you are taking a lady on a date she will love looking in all of the shops.  

Oxford Street is not far from Marble Arch which is known as the gateway to the West End of London.
China Town is right next to the heart of Theatre land.  

China Town is a great place to walk around and see all of the different foods Chinese people eat.  It is very interesting looking in the supermarkets and seeing all of the different gifts and novelties you can buy.

London Zoo People of all ages love London Zoo.  If your date has kids you can spend many hours watching and filming the animals.  The Zoo is renown for its penguins.

Westminster Abbey the building is 700 years old it has stood up to war time bombings.  Thousands of members of the public flock to Abbey to look around and worship. 

Duck Land and Water Tours You can travel around the City of Westminster in a Duck you can see all of the sites of London from the water and then plunge into the water and see London from the Thames.

Soho is very a very fashionable place it is part of the West End, it is well known for being an area of entertainment.  There is lots of restaurants to eat in and bars to go and have a casual drink with your date.  There are lots of colorful shops and bars for you to enjoy.

Big Ben is one of London’s Icons.  The clock is renown for reliability and accuracy.


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