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Holiday Christmas Relationship Tips, Advice for Women and Men

It is important to know how to avoid Christmas relationship disasters.  Internet dating is a fantastic way to meet people the only problem is sometimes we are lonely and we meet someone online then the inevitable question comes what are you doing for Christmas?

Why not go for a Christmas day walk together after dinner?

It might be nice if you go out to eat, if there is just the two of you it is important to book well in advance.  When there is just the two of you it can be a mammoth task ploughing through all that turkey.

If you do decide to cook the Christmas meal yourself make sure you cook the turkey well and ensure you do not allow the turkey to dry out.  Take the giblets out.  You do not want it to be a meal to remember for the wrong reasons.

Are you buying a gift for you or your lady?  Buying lingerie might make your lady feeling cheap if you make the wrong choice or it could make her feel a million dollars, you need to make a wise choice, you could ruin the day if you get it wrong.

Most men women like smelly’s however if your date takes care of him or she they might have lots of smelly’s on the shelf.

Do not drink too much on the big day.  Your date does not want to watch you sleeping all day or worse throwing up.

If your date has asked you to spend Christmas with them respect them by not turning up with a massive

Plan in advance.  By your gifts weeks in advance and wrap those over a period of time and then it will not seem as though it is such a task.  Sit comfortably at a table when you do your wrapping to avoid back ache.

Expect some tears, if your date has lost someone Christmas might rake up some memories of a lost love one and so be sympathetic.

Your date might want you to spend Christmas with his or her family, make sure you meet and know them before you actually spend all Christmas day with them.  You might be stuck trying to think of things to say.  You might find them irritating and end up wanting to strangle them.

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