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What does a woman expect from a man she is dating on a first date?

A woman likes to appreciate and cared for, if it is only your first date and you do not take care of the little things she is going think to herself what is the rest of the relationship going to be like, first expectations count.

Meeting you dates expectations – Taking care of your appearance.

Make sure your clothes look their best, make sure your hair is cut, clean, leave off the hair cream.  Have a shave and make sure your clothes do not stink of stale smoke. 

Make sure your clothes colour match and fitting for the occasion, wear colours she likes. 
Smell nice, wear a body spray and a nice aftershave, keep it in your pocket and apply it just before you
Meeting your dates expectations - Men
meet her. 

Have some gum and just before you meet her discard it in a tissue.

Your date expects you to be polite

She will expect you to open doors for you, if you are going out for a meal pull her chair out for her.  Do not swear in front of her.  It is important not to be checking the football results on your mobile. 

Pay her your full attention.  Do not moan about things in your life and do not talk about your ex.  Offer to take her coat.  Do not be crude about things you talk about, do not be suggestive.  If she is wearing a short skirt or low cut dress talk to her face not her chest.  If you think she looks nice tell her.
Your date expects you to be interested in her

Ask questions about her day, ask her about her interests, you might not agree with some of her beliefs, do not argue with her.  Why not take flower to give her?  It shows you want to get off to a good start with the relationship.

Make sure you have a few subjects you can throw into the conversation to keep it going.

Your date might have preconceptions about who should pay

If your date wants to pay for her meal we live in the days of equality why not let her.  You do not want to get into an argument with her about women’s equality.  She might be a strong woman in a male environment and she does not want to be beholden to men.  She might not want to be beholden to you after all it is just a first date.

A woman like a man who is strong

If you can hold your head high and have strong beliefs and can support your date when things get tough your date will pick this up over a period of time.  It is important for any woman to know when the going gets tough you will not collapse in a heap.  

Even though you are strong it is important not to be over powering or controlling.  Let your date have her say, listen and hear what she has to say, you might pick up a lot of information during general conversation about her which is useful to know and you will learn more about her as a person.

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