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Can you love too much? Dating advice from Senior Your Future Dating

Do you love someone so much that the whole world revolves around him or her?  Would you do anything you could to satisfy your lover and make them happy?

If you try too much it can be a bad thing, it is possible you are showing a chink in your armor and you could be taken advantage of.

Do you fight with your emotions and you bow to other people’s demands or requests.  You spend your weekends doing things you do not enjoy.  I think the term is incompatibility.

Some people will not say no - If you spend your time doing things you do not enjoy your relationship is doomed.  It will show in your lack of interest to get ready for that exciting event you have no interest in attending or meeting your partners boring, rude, arrogant friends who you hate and loath.

Some women like dating bad guys - Lots of women fall for bad guys who take advantage of them, the women like men who take risks and have a sense of adventure, it is possible you could be dating a man who is wrong for you and will break your heart.

Some men look for a woman who is loving, they try to melt her heart and then they take advantage of her kind nature.  This why it is important not to rush in too fast get to know your date.  Do not fall in love too fast.

Some men love some women too much – Some men go by looks alone they do not see the beauty in a person’s soul.  Lots of men think about how great it is to have a great looking woman on their arm.  They throw the opportunity away to meet someone who is loyal and caring and cares as much about others as they do about themselves.

Ahh keep him or her away from me – Is it love or infatuation?  Do you stalk the person you love constantly texting and phoning them.  Do you pester them in work on their way home from work when they are driving home from work?  Do you sometimes turn up unexpected at events where that your lover is attending?

If you love someone you will not suffocate them – It is important we all have our own space, we should be able to sit down and read a book or go out for a walk without interference.  If someone has that trust in us we should not take advantage of their trust by deceiving them.

Are you too touchy feely? – Some people never leave you alone.  It is good to be affectionate and caring, some people cannot show affection however if you are in a new relationship someone who is over affectionate especially in public, in front of friends or relatives, and people will be horrified if you post pictures of yourselves on Facebook in passionate embraces.  Lots of people who do this have to show the whole world they are in love and then a short while later they announce on Facebook their relationship is over.  If you want to get passionate book a room.

Give love time to grow and do not rush in too fast, proceed with caution and avoid the pot holes in the path to finding a long-term relationship.

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