Your new relationship is only a few clicks away.


Your future depends on what you do today when it comes to your future dating

It is possible you fancy your friend and fear upsetting them and losing them.  Sometimes you need to feel the fear and do it anyway.  Approaches them and say we get on well we have a laugh and good time.  Would you like to enjoy more time together.

Husbands and wives are not only friends they are lovers. 
If you are lonely you might as well signup to a dating website and give it a try.  

You can sign up to most dating websites for free and see what you think.  You have not lost anything, you might gain friends or a relationship.

If you decide to go out socially and mix with more people you will increase your circle of friends and learn more about people and their lives and experiences.  You will feel less depressed.

You might have been putting off losing weight and getting fit, you only have to start small.  You could try doing a bit more cleaning of your house.  You will feel better about where you live.  If you meet someone and take them back to your house you will not feel ashamed of where you live, it is easier to keep up together.

Why not try something like dancing?  You never know who you might meet.  When you go up to the bar for drink you might meet a man or woman who is unattached who would like to go out for a date with you.

Why not find out where local singles meet up.  Find out the best time to go.  You do not want to spend lots of money at the bar and when all of the cool people come out you look really stupid because you have had too much to drink and you want to go home.

If you get the opportunity to go out with your work colleagues do it, have fun with them.  You might meet someone when you are out.  Do not drink too much you do not want to be today's and tomorrows hot conversation topic.

Think about your futures today and plan for them today.  Do not meet someone and start planning for the future straight away.  You might frighten them off and have no future with them what so ever.  Take your time and get to know them first before you start making any long term plans.

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