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Date a granny – The art of dating a granny

Many men would like to date a granny however they do not even know how to start.  There is many men in the same situation as you.  Lots of grannies are still very attractive and lots of them are very sophisticated. 

Lots of men like the idea of dating a granny because older women have more maturity, they are less stressed.  Lots of women improve with age they learn from their life’s experiences and carry their knowledge of how to handle situations in life.

Most mature women are looking for a man who they can settle down with have a long-term relationship with.  If a woman has been in a relationship with a man who is a bit of tyrant who has become stuck in his way a bit of a Victorian father figure she is probably looking for a man who is a bit more fancy free who has a good sense of humour.

An older woman has heard all of the corny chat up lines they might smile at you and humour you however you might be just a play thing for her a subject for her amusement.

Some men might try to take advantage of an older woman if he thinks she is vulnerable.  He might see her as a free meal ticket.  It is important to be on your guard and let your head rule your heart and just your instinct if you smell a rat and the man you are dating is asking too many prying questions or making demands drop him there is always plenty of more fish in the sea.

Some grannies might be looking for a younger man or older man to date.  An older man will have more maturity and share the same interests and values as an older woman.  A younger man might be looking for a mother figure and his immaturity might eventually grate on the granny he is dating.

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