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Getting over a breaking up

Breaking up with someone can shatter your confidence.  It can seem as though life is not fun anymore and you do not want to carry on.

If you have just recently gone through a break up you know how lonely it can be.  It can seem as though everyone else is having fun.

Getting over your break up

Everyone has a break up sometime in their lives.  You need to either accept it is over or suffer for longer.  Getting out and about is the best thing and do not become a bore constantly talking about your ex.

It is best to have certain period of time where you need to get over your break up before you move onto your next relationship.  

You need to get over the breakup emotionally and mentally.  Get your head sorted before you do anything else.

Sometimes a break up has been on the cards for some time.  Everyone else could see it except you.  If this is the case perhaps you are not receptive to people’s feelings it is possible if you do not notice people’s emotions you might have the same problems in the future.

It can be a mistake sometimes going back into a failed relationship and keep trying to no avail to make things work.

You may feel tempted to keep contacting your ex however if you do you will never break the emotional bond you have together.  Delete him or her of your Facebook so that you cannot see what he or she is doing all the time.

It is important to write a private diary for when you think he or she was not all that bad so that you do not keep going back to him or her and forgetting how much they hurt you.

Why not get fit, it will install confidence and discipline and make you feel better about yourself.  It will also fill your time and so your mind will not focus about what you would be doing with your ex of a weekend.

How does your break up affect the kids?

If you have kids would it be not be best not to drag them through going through seeing mummy or daddy unhappy again if you enter into another bad relationship in the future?

Kids learn from what they see.  They are like little sponges.  If your kids have seen one breakup they might feel insecure already.   They might try to latch onto any new person in your life. 

Time is a great healer and you will get over your break up after a certain amount of time.  The hurt will go and life moves on.

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