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Unlucky in love? Don’t give up on finding a date or relationship

Unlucky in love?  You need have a good foundation to build a relationship with choosing the right person and being in the right frame of mind will get you off to a head start.

Do you look at friends relatives and think I would like a husband or wife like that?  Sometimes relationships are not always harmonious.  Behind the scenes the relationship might be at breaking point.

Self-pity - You might be full of self-pity and cannot see what is going on around you and you might not be adapting at reading peoples body language.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself many people findrelationships when they are not looking because they give
Lucky in love - Couple who have found the right relationship
the persona of being happy and care free.

Dating the wrong person - Do you like to date bad guys because you find them exciting, you have a sense of adventure.  If this is you and like to date bad guys what else do you expect besides for your relationship to fail?  If someone shows lack of respect for others it is obvious he going to show lack of respect for you.

Do you put too much effort into relationships?  -Do you try too hard?  Do you put all the effort in and do all chasing, you are there when the person snaps their fingers. 

Do not answer text messages straight away or call your date if back straight away.  Do not accept it if someone is spinning you a line and lying to you.

Making your own luck in the dating game - Do you ever wonder why some have the best jobs, the best life style, and the best relationships.  It is because they keep trying.  The person who is lucky in life and relationships keeps trying and they never give up.

Being the best person out there – You need to sell yourself, upload the best dating profile picture of yourself, your smile is one of your greatest assets use it.  Write a great dating profile and attract lots of attention.  Do not stay indoors feeling sorry for yourself get yourself out there and socialize.  

Try to talk more positively about things and then your outlook on life will become more positive.

Some people are too into themselves – Are you someone who cares too much about their looks? 

Are you so self obsessed that you only talk about yourself that you do not notice others around you?  

Do you take hours to get ready and do not notice the frustration of people around you?

Are you unlucky in love because you pinch other peoples partners - Some people do not care about others.  Do you believe in Karma?  If the man or woman in your life has played around once what is to stop them from doing it again what is so special about you?

You might not of only broken up a relationship, partnership you might of broken up a family!

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