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Older Dating In Ireland Dublin UK

We have lots of older women and men looking for dates in Dublin.  If you are looking for an older man or woman from Dublin who is looking also for a date then you have come to the right place we have lots of dating tips and ideas to make sure your date goes well.

It is important you know how to show your date you can have a good time.

Nothing can be more than to go to a comedy evening, if you are both on a first date the comedians can give you both something to talk about in years to come.

Dublin has some fantastic buildings, it is a great place to cycle or walk around and take in some of the city sights.

If you are on a first date you should consider meeting up in a coffee bar, if you find the date is not going well and you do not fancy your date you can always make your excuses and leave.

Dublin has a ghost bus tour, book early.

Dublin has some fantastic large beaches called Dollymount Strand.  It can be a bit cold if the wind off the North Sea is blowing your way.

Dublin is well known for its pubs, clubs, wine bars and restaurants.  Grafton Street and Temple Bar are both famous for their night life.

The Guinness Factory is more than a place where they just make drink you can see the history of their marketing and how the history of the brand as well as having a drink at the end of your visit.

If you are a bit short on money take your date to a museum or art gallery.

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