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Senior Dating – Is it OK to kiss someone on your first or second date?

Have you formed a relationship with someone online and now you have meet your date for the first time you feel as though you want to kiss them on the first or second date.

If you are have the senior dating scene again and not had a proper relationship for some time you might feel if you met someone online that boosts your confidence and makes you feel a teenager again.  You might feel that you want to give your date a kiss good night or welcoming kiss when you meet them.

You have just met this person for the first time.  You do not really know them, they have given you information about themselves that they have wanted to divulge and some information they might not want to tell you they have swept to one side.

There is nothing wrong with giving a quick peck to someone on the check.  If you decide to be more forward with your affections it is possible your date might try to take advantage of you if you seem too keen.
It is possible your date might start testing you or run a mile if you get clingy.

It is important not to be shocked if your date moves in for a kiss. 

If you feel nervous make sure you do not end up head butting each other.  Be gentle and take your time in your approach.

It is possible you might have a lot of dating chemistry between each other, do not get too excited.  It is possible for your date the evening was not so great.

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