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What is the difference between a general dating website and a senior dating website?

You have decided to try online dating again however you are not sure if you should join a senior dating website or a general dating website, you are not really sure about what the difference is.

There are many dating niches out there catering for all different ages and interests.  Most dating websites would not survive if they just catered for one type of dating niche.

Most senior dating websites have a senior member database taken from a larger dating website.  Lots of the senior dating websites have singles aged from a particular date range such as over 40s, over 50s, over 60s and 70s dating.

These types of senior dating websites make your life a lot easier in the search for someone who is in your own age range.

Some singles might prefer to date someone who is younger than them however they might have some deluded idea that the person they are dating is going to have the same interests as them.  Someone who is a lot younger than you might have higher energy levels than you.  This might benefit someone who is looking for a bit of fun with someone who is younger with more vitality if they have been in a boring relationship for years.

General dating websites obviously have a lot more members than a senior dating website.  You need to be realistic and realize some of the dating profile pictures might not have been taken recently and so you might be in for a bit of a shock when you meet someone you have been chatting to online.

You need to be aware also if you are dating someone who has lost their partner or wife, husband it is possible they might still be going through the grieving process.  Find out from them when they actually split or lost their partner or husband wife.  Give them time to grieve and do not expect to walk into somebody else’s shoes if the loss has been recently.  You might meet with lots of resentment, hostile comments, and reactions from their family or friends if they are still in contact with your date.  You need to think about it for a moment and realize these people have supported your date though some difficult times and they might eventually help you out if you could befriend your dates loyal and trustworthy friends or relatives.

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