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Wiltshire UK senior singles dating website, we are senior dating website you can trust our senior dating website is a safe secure environment for singles over the age of 40, 50, 60 to find love and a long term relationship from the comfort and safety of your own home it is easy to find and chat to other single who also live in Wiltshire.
You might think how many singles have I got living around me who I can date.  There is no need to worry just do a postcode search and you will be surprised at how many opportunities there is to date someone who lives close to you.

Wiltshire has many ideal places to take your date.  There is many a good pub to go and have a drink or place to eat.

Wiltshire has lots of great little town and villages and places to go to in the Cotswolds.
Cirencester has a large market on certain days of the week.  Cirencester has a large park with a river running through it.  There are lots of great little shops to walk around. 

Marlborough has a large forest with camping, barbeque areas.  You can park in the main town, Marlborough has certain events on at certain times of the year such as the Marlborough Mop it is a traditional fair.  If you and your date are both into golf Marlborough also has a golf course which is on the road from Swindon to Marlborough.  Marlborough also has a park with a river running through it, do not forget to take some bread to feed the ducks.  Polly Tea Rooms is famous for the quality of its food it serves it is somewhere you might want to take your date for a bit of cake and something to drink.

Wootton Bassett has Jubilee Lakes on the outside of the town.  Jubilee lakes have a couple of lakes which is surrounded by bushes and trees.  It is nice place to take picnic and chill out with your date.  If you get thirsty the Prince of Wales pub is not far away if you and your date want a quick meal and something more substantial to eat.
Avebury is famous for it’s stones.  Avebury has a nice pub which is sometimes frequented by motor cyclists, it is a friendly place with wooden beams.  Avebury is a fun place to visit during the Summer Solstice you will see lots of people playing drums and enjoying the great outdoors.

Bradford upon Avon has canal a historic town to walk around.  If you walk along the canal you will eventually reach some tea rooms and you can enjoy drinking tea on a canal boat.  During the colder times of the year as you walk along the canal you will get the pleasant smell of the wood burning on the canal boats as the people on the boats do their cooking and keep the canal boats warm.

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